How to Buy Oil Paintings for Sale

Easy ways to purchase affordable oil paintings

Original art work will add a magic touch to your home and create a truly beautiful and elegant environment. Nothing adds that warm, inviting feeling to your home or office like an original painting. Your elevated tastes will be apparent with every glance the next time you have friends over for dinner. Coming home after a long day in the outside world, you will come home and allow yourself to be drawn in to your cherished painting while you let your eyes marinate in the calm flowing brushstrokes of that perfect liquid sunset on canvas.

These affordable oil paintings have been priced fairly to be accessible to buyers of all types, from casual art aficionados to seasoned art collectors. There are several ways to buy Kathleen’s oil paintings for sale, both in person or online.

Of course Kathleen offers the option to try out a painting in your home for a week if you live in the Southern California area. Try out any original oil painting for sale on the wall of your home or office so you can harmonize the colors and test out the new feng shui of your room.

Contact Kathleen at (714) 336-5504

3 Ways to Buy Oil Paintings:

1. Buy Now Online

Buy Larger Painting on This Site with Paypal or Credit Card

The medium sizes can be purchased online through Paypal with your credit card or Paypal account.

  • Easy electronic payment
  • Paintings sold unframed
  • Free shipping on all online orders
  • 7 day return period after purchase
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Buy Oil Paintings with Credit Card


2. Buy in Gallery or Phone

Visit Gallery to View and Buy Paintings in Person

The most traditional way is to view and buy the original oil paintings in person if you live or plan to be in the Southern California area. Any size painting can be bought in person, but the largest paintings (30×40″ and larger) should especially be seen live first. The largest sizes can be also be purchased through phone or email if you cannot make it in person, so please contact Kathleen first to set this up smoothly.

  • View paintings live at Studio 7 Gallery
  • Special appointments available also
  • Test out paintings in your home for a week
  • Commissions welcomed
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3. Bid on eBay

Bid on 5×7″ Paintings on eBay

Kathleen’s smaller 5×7” paintings are auctioned online at eBay, and this is the only size she sells on eBay.

  • Bids starting at only $75
  • Paintings on archive quality canvas board
  • Paintings sold unframed
  • Free 7 day trial period for returns
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Oil Painting for Sale on eBay