5 available paintings of Newport Beach, California

“Back Bay Mustard” 30×40″ original oil $2800

This oil painting of the Back Bay has rich gold colors and moody blues and gray violets. I have painted the Back Bay many times and in this piece I exaggerated the wild mustard-ish looking foliage that was there at the time. I loved the mood of the marine-layered skies and the early evening light which hovered over the distant bluffs.

“Crystal Cove Beach Day” 16×20 original oil $895

“Crystal Cove Beach Day” depicts a bright, busy, sun drenched day at this state beach in California. With loose impressionistic brush strokes I painted the gist of the busy scene. If you have been here before you know how crowded it gets. I love the way the cliffs at this beach create a unique and protected beach spot.

“Newport Back Bay Bluff” 16×20 original oil $895

The bluffs at the Back Bay have different lighting throughout the day. On this day it was slightly breezy with clouds drifting. The yellows, ochre, and golds contrast the muted pastels in the sky and bluffs. This painting has a calm and relaxing feeling.

“Crystal Cove Cottages” 16×20 original oil $895

This one is a very impressionistic portrayal of the Crystal Cove Beach cottages. These cottages are not for rent like the regular cottages you can rent above on the bluffs. But I thought they looked so beautifully scruffy and dilapidated I had to paint them. I added some “wood” and “structure” to hold them up. (You can rent cottages through Reserveamerica.com)

“Shredding” 12×16 original oil $695

While watching surfers from the shore I was inspired to paint this scene. It’s fun to try to capture the movement of the waves while getting the right gesture of the surfer on the board. This dude is “shredding the nar nar.”