Surfer 8×10 Oil

Surfer Painting Kathleen Robison

Surfers are super brave, they’re like the cowboys of Southern California. They get wiped out and get up on another wave and its amazing. I haven’t been in the ocean in 20 years and I think I’d have a massive panic attack if I tried. I used to love going in the ocean when I was a kid, but now that I am a mother of five kids, I have no desire to go in any more – don’t know why, don’t care! Four members of my family surf and we have sand everywhere, in the car, house and in our food. It seem so fun and zen to just get up there on the board in the gorgeous ocean with the sun, and by painting them I can live vicariously through them. I’m happy just watching and oil painting!



Water Lilies 30×40 Oil

I read somewhere that Monet painted his water lilies paintings 100’s of times……I can see why.  They have such vibrant colors and seem as though they are moving as you paint them.