California Beach Scenes: ” Umbrellas and Surf”, “Sunset”, “Surf Camp”

“Surf Camp” 16×20 oil painting. $1400

In this San clemente scene I was inspired by the activity of the group at this “surf camp”.  A few kids are having a conversation on the life guard tower, another is waxing his surf board, and others are huddled together following the instructors direction. Just getting the gist of the scene… with the crashing waves, and excited students…this scene has  a certain beach energy. Such a fun way for kids to spend a summer vaccation.

“Umbrellas and Surf” 16×20 oil painting.  $1400

In “Umbrellas and Surf” 16×20, I was inspired by the many vibrant colors of the beach umbrellas. I loved this scene because the activity of swimmers, walkers, and sunbathers seemed to vibrate with the sparkling water and warm sand.  Instead of trying to render each beach goer, I just placed the people in with very simple strokes of paint. This painting has warm ochres, Naples yellow, periwinkle, blues, and a variety of orange and reds. The bathers at a distance looked like tiny dots of peach in the water. And the wind, on this day, kept the waves coming in quickly one after another.

“Sunset” 12×24 oil painting.  $1200

On this evening the colors of the sunset were glorious and beautiful; yellows, pinks, and oranges. Using thick textured paint I was able to sculpt the billowy clouds into the deep grey-blue sky. Little bits of orange reflect sky into the water. Sunsets are heavenly…eveytime I go to paint one, or photograph one, there is always good amount of photographers and on lookers there enjoying it with me. Whenever I see gorgeous color in the sky and I am in the area I try to go to the ocean and get a quick sketch or take a photo. Once I get there I am reminded how peaceful and centering it is to just sit there and observe nature……and I am thankful for that.

Painting the figure in oil painting.

Floating 16×20 oil painting…..$1400

I like to paint my subjects “doing” something. I don’t want them looking into the camera but instead just being. This is my daughter floating on an inner tube. I painted this because I liked the relaxing feeling and mood of her sunbathing. Floating on a raft is the ultimate of relaxation. Just letting the warm sun and water rock you into a lullaby of  tranquility. Bliss. Isn’t this the unspoken goal? That we work hard enough and someday soon we will deserve to completely let go and “float on a raft”.

Folklorico Dancers 16×20 oil painting – Buy Now $1400

These dancers were at Old Town San Diego outside a restaurant. So lovely to watch. The purple dress caught my artist eye. I had to paint it! The dancers confidently bounced around the stage. The dance seemed so effortless to them. The sunlight danced along with them, lighting up different parts of their clothing as they moved around the stage.


Koi Pond  20×16 oil painting- Buy Now $1400

This painting is inspired by these children playing with the fish at a Koi pond.  It is amazing how mesmerizing fish can be.  I stood and watched as the children interacted with the fish and each other for more than an hour. The younger the child the more fascinated they were with the brightly colored fish. I remembered with my  own children that it was the simple things that kept them engaged in an activity.

“Bocce Ball?” Nay… neither”


Painting of my daughters relaxing and conversing at the beach. Too hot and lazy to get up and play bocci ball. Simplifying the figures I chose to focus on their relaxed gestures in the beach chairs. Pretty pastel colors and juicy, thick paint in this original oil painting make you long for a beach day of your own.

Available.  12×16 unframed oil painting $595

Balboa Park, San Diego 30×40 oil painting 

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This painting of beautiful Balboa Park, San Diego shows the hustle and bustle of tourist season. Lots of vibrant color with the back drop of Spanish-Moorish architecture in the buildings. Keeping the painting loose and painterly I show some details in the buildings while staying impressionistic. Rich ochres in the building hues, blues and olives in the water, and lively pastel colors for the pedestrians.

Available $2400

Why oil painters paint what they paint. “Strings Attached” Mozart Classical Orchestra , oil painting 16×20


Available oil painting

I was inspired to paint  this oil painting because I recently went to this concert. I haven’t gone to many classical concerts,  but the ones I have gone to have inspired me greatly. In this oil painting, I tried to capture the essence and feeling of that day. Going to classical concerts is something I just “forget” to do. I mean I love it, when I go but never really think of getting tickets blah blah blah……So as an oil painter and artist I paint what is in my real life and things I am moved by. And I was inspired to paint an oil painting of this scene. On this day we arrived a little late, the concert hall was only two thirds full, and it happened again. After 15 minutes of settling in and getting comfy in my seat, I had the most amazing feeling of a brain massage. It happened a few years earlier when I went to a concert with my senior in high school who had to go for her music appreciation class. On that rainy day, we rushed in, chose the best seats, and looked around the room and it was only a third full. Actually, looking around there were already a few people in the back asleep in their seats! We giggled to each other, “Wow, this is going to be exciting.” So we deliberately relaxed in our seats. I was trying hard not be anxious about “how long THIS was going to take.” And I wanted to be supportive of my daughters arts adventure but it was the weekend, and I had so much to do. Well, like a lot of things in life and art, if you give a little and surrender to the moment you get a lot back. Wow! What an amazing experience. The music was excellent, of course, but the most amazing thing happened. We, too, both fell asleep ( she on my shoulder I on her head….) and woke asking each other “How long was I  asleep?” I have never heard anyone talk about it before, but, when you fall asleep to live classical music it feels like someone put their hands under your skin and gave you a deep brain massage. It was the most incredible and deeply relaxing experience I have ever had. I have listened to plenty of  classical music and meditations but nothing like this. In the smallish concert hall it felt like music moved through my whole person and it was totally sublime and lovely.

So in this oil painting I attempted to grasp the movement, vibration, and calm of the music while keeping it loose and not too detailed so the viewer could get the feeling of that particular concert. …Also I hope musicians know the great value of their work.

“Owen Napping” 8″x10″ original oil painting

owen na

This painting is a commission of this cute baby boy napping. Keeping the brushwork loose I was able to capture a real likeness from a photograph. Portraits and commissions are a challenge and a joy to me as a painter. If I know the person I am painting I think about them and their personality traits as I paint them. If, on the other hand I do not know the subject I may ask the commissionee (my word for person who I am painting it for) their favorite things and traits they love about the subject.


Girl with Longboard 8×10″ Oil

Gilr with Longboard 8x10" Oil Painting


Girl with longboard coming out of the water at San Onofre State Beach, San Clemente, Ca. The girl in this painting looked too small for the big board, but boy did she shred the gnar a few times.

Sunbathing 9×12 oil

Painting of the girls soaking up the sun
In the backyard on a gorgeous southern California day.

Ready to Play

Little guy ready to play! Love the light on him and red uniform.

Sunset Surfing 16×16 oil

Watching my son surfing at a distance I captured the sillouetted figures against an intense sunset. I feel I captured the awesome peace of the ocean and how small us humans are in the massive ocean.

Bernadette 8×6 Oil

Bernadette oil painting by Kathleen

I’ve always love painting people staring off into the distance pondering something. Who knows what they are thinking about while they pose for me? It must be a hard life being a model just looking good and sitting their all day, left alone with your thoughts. This oil painting is of my daughter as she sit out in the sun posing for me for hours, for which I may have had to bribe her a bit.

Blue and Purple Soccer 12×12 Oil

Blue and Purple Soccer Oil Painting

With thick paint in the grass area I feel like I captured the feeling of this Saturday morning game.  The grass was so yellow and dry and these soccer boys really tore it up.

White Scarf 8×10 Oil

Painted this oil painting of a girl who was looking away into the blue sky…and she just happened to be my daughter. The bright light on the scarf drew me in, so did the movement of her hair. Her attitude that day reminded me of the Girl with a Pearl Earring