How Art Collectors Place Art in their Homes

How do experienced art collectors arrange art in a home? Without a professional interior designer, it can be a bit difficult to know the perfect places to hang your art on your. Placing art of all types throughout your home is a learned skill. Below we have some beautiful examples and practical tips for making your home a place of balanced beauty and art.



In this art collector’s home, above, a Laguna Beach seascape graces the entrance of the home above a table. The reds throughout the rustic table match the flowers in the painting, while the shell lamps go with the beach theme. It works so well because the painting is low enough to create a unit with the table. And the items on the table and shelf keep the eye moving around and back up to the painting. There is balance with the two lamps evenly placed and the painting centered over the table, and there is asymmetry with the way the rest of the items are placed on the tabletop and shelf. This creates a full and visually interesting look.



In the above photo the art collector chooses simple modern frames to go with the clean lines of the room. Both paintings are spacious in imagery complimenting the large window view of a lush backyard. Beautiful woodwork throughout the home makes a perfect setting for the landscape and seascape.


In the sunset painting placement, above, the art collector is making a dramatic statement. They put it above an antique family heirloom dresser in the entrance of the home. Placing the painting above the dark furniture with low lighting makes the painting “glow”.


Available painting “Big Sur” 40″x60″

The above is an example of being bold in the placement of art. In this small living room the huge painting (available, big sur, 40×60) makes the room feel larger by placing it over a dining bench. This room has a neutral palette with bronze/black accents which makes the greens and blues of the painting pop.



An oversized piece of art can create real drama and complete the room. Putting a painting above the fireplace finishes the room nicely and gives it a centerpiece. This piece works well with the darks in the room without competing with the florals.



Creatively displaying all original art in the home, the top image shows how well beautiful glass art on tables tops mixes well with original oil paintings. The second image shows an example of beautiful color combinations in the room  with original art on walls completes the total look.

Red Tractor 12×16 Oil

Rusty old tractor was fun to paint at the steam engine museum. The contrast between the pink warn paint and heavy metal tractor gives this piece a feeling of nostalgia.

Spreckled Donut 6×6 Oil

Spreckled Donut 6×6 Oil painting

I didn’t think too hard when I titled this painting………someone said it should be “sprinkled donut”.  Hmmmm.  I think of sprinkles as the very tiny colored round do-dads.  But the long oval-ish do-dads are called spreckles, to me.  Then someone said it should be speckled donut.  Hmmmm……..anywho it was a delicious donut and really juicy to paint the thick spreckled icing.