Windy Hill Preserve 40″x60″

Painted this view from the top of Windy Hill Preserve. Lots of lush greens after the spring rain in California. The grey road in the scene is highway 35, Skyline Blvd. On the forested drive up to this location there were two huge sink holes on the small road which Cal Trans was working on. The view is gorgeous up there you can see the ocean on one side and San Francisco bay on the other. A few purple wildflowers and orange poppies sprouted here and there but mostly a riot of greens covered the landscape. A completely majestic view with a few hikers reaching the top of a trail that begins at a lower entrance.

“Windy Hill Trail” 16×20

This trail leads to Hamms Gulch, a beautiful meadow with views of densely forested hillsides and open fields of lush green grasses. The lighting on the pathway caught my eye… I had to paint it. This oil painting on canvas has many greens with dappled purples, reds, and ochre. This Preserve is a day hikers dream.