Why oil painters paint what they paint. “Strings Attached” Mozart Classical Orchestra , oil painting 16×20


Available oil painting

I was inspired to paint  this oil painting because I recently went to this concert. I haven’t gone to many classical concerts,  but the ones I have gone to have inspired me greatly. In this oil painting, I tried to capture the essence and feeling of that day. Going to classical concerts is something I just “forget” to do. I mean I love it, when I go but never really think of getting tickets blah blah blah……So as an oil painter and artist I paint what is in my real life and things I am moved by. And I was inspired to paint an oil painting of this scene. On this day we arrived a little late, the concert hall was only two thirds full, and it happened again. After 15 minutes of settling in and getting comfy in my seat, I had the most amazing feeling of a brain massage. It happened a few years earlier when I went to a concert with my senior in high school who had to go for her music appreciation class. On that rainy day, we rushed in, chose the best seats, and looked around the room and it was only a third full. Actually, looking around there were already a few people in the back asleep in their seats! We giggled to each other, “Wow, this is going to be exciting.” So we deliberately relaxed in our seats. I was trying hard not be anxious about “how long THIS was going to take.” And I wanted to be supportive of my daughters arts adventure but it was the weekend, and I had so much to do. Well, like a lot of things in life and art, if you give a little and surrender to the moment you get a lot back. Wow! What an amazing experience. The music was excellent, of course, but the most amazing thing happened. We, too, both fell asleep ( she on my shoulder I on her head….) and woke asking each other “How long was I  asleep?” I have never heard anyone talk about it before, but, when you fall asleep to live classical music it feels like someone put their hands under your skin and gave you a deep brain massage. It was the most incredible and deeply relaxing experience I have ever had. I have listened to plenty of  classical music and meditations but nothing like this. In the smallish concert hall it felt like music moved through my whole person and it was totally sublime and lovely.

So in this oil painting I attempted to grasp the movement, vibration, and calm of the music while keeping it loose and not too detailed so the viewer could get the feeling of that particular concert. …Also I hope musicians know the great value of their work.